‘You are full of faff’: TMC MP Derek O’Brien poses 8 questions to Centre | India News

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NEW DELHI: Trinamool Congress MP Derek O’Brien on Thursday pitched eight questions to the central government in the counter-accusation for blaming the opposition for the unruly scenes witnessed in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.
O’Brien hit back at the eight ministers, who earlier in the day held a joint press conference and accused the Congress-led opposition of not letting Parliament run and hence bringing an abrupt end to the monsoon session.
Terming the presser by the ministers as a ‘faff’, O’Brien posed eight questions to them for allegedly ganging up against the opposition.
He took to Twitter and shared a video captioning, “8 Ministers just addressed a press conference. To them, we ask. Answer even one of these 8 questions. Try. Then talk to us about Parliament. The United Opposition have a strong case. You are full of faff.”

Here are the eight questions that Derek O’Brien posed to the Centre-
Question 1 – “Why was the Prime Minister missing during the OBC debate in Parliament? Former Prime Ministers Deve Gowda ji and Manmohan Singh ji were there. Where was Prime Minister Modi?”
Question 2 – “Why were 36, actually 38 bills were passed in both houses with an average discussion time of 10 minutes per bill?”
Question 3 – ” Question three, answer, why has only one out of 10 bills been sent to from the Lok Sabha for parliamentary scrutiny?”
Question 4 – “Why are almost 4 bills out of every 10 bills are ordinances? Earlier it was one or two.”
Question 5 – “Why has the Prime Minister of India has not answered a single question in the Rajya Sabha in the last five years? Manmohan Singh ji answered 22 questions.”
Question 6 – “Why in two years, the government still hasn’t elected a deputy speaker in the Lok Sabha?”
Question 7 – “Why did you not allow the opposition a discussion on Pegasus, internal security, repeal of farm laws. Government must have its way, the opposition must have its say.”
Question 8 – Whose business is it to run parliament? Is it the government’s responsibility or the opposition’s responsibility? And who is the government accountable to? The people,” he added.

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