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India News – According to information received by World News superfast, America’s Joe Biden administration praised India in a human rights report, but also questioned a number of issues. The United States itself has been battling apartheid attacks on Tuesday in a report by the 2020 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices about the human rights situation in different countries around the world. This report was presented by US Secretary of State Antoine Blinken.

The report said that there are many issues related to human rights in India

According to information received by the World News superfast, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is gradually becoming normal. The report released by the US State Department said that the Government of India is continuously taking steps to restore normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir. Many types of restrictions are being gradually removed. Political activities have also been started there this year. Internet was restored there in January.

Report presented amidst incidents like racism in America

According to information received by the World News superfast, this report of the Biden administration has come at a time when America itself is facing many similar challenges. US Secretary of State Antoine Blinken has also talked about this. He said that we know that we need to work on many issues at home. Racism is the biggest issue in this. We do not say that this problem is not here, nor are we trying to cover it up. We cannot ignore it.

Expressed concern on these issues in India

• Illegal and arbitrary killings from the police

• Atrocities of some police and prison officials

• Arbitrary arrests and detention

• Strict and murderous prison conditions

• Political imprisonment and detention in some states

• Restrictions on freedom of expression and press

• Corruption and violation of religious freedom

• Extensive corruption at all levels in government

• Lack of investigation and accountability for violence against women

Russia and Syria also named in the report

The report accuses the Russian nation’s husband Vladimir Putin of crushing political rivals and protesters against the administration. The Bashar al-Assad government of Syria has also been blamed for the oppression and oppression of its own people.

3,800 Het crime cases reported in US in last one year

According to information received by the World News superfast, according to media reports, there has been an increase in racial attacks in the US in the last few months. Since March 2020, around 3,800 het crime cases have been reported. After the death of black George Floyd in police custody in May last year, the whole world raised a human rights violation case in the US.


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