With troubling rise in cases, here is how you can tell COVID-19 apart from malaria or dengue

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Now, despite being different illnesses, dengue, malaria and COVID-19 are all caused by viruses and can infect the body and lead to a lot of symptoms, which are primarily respiratory in nature and cause inflammation, and hence, spell a lot of confusion.

It can also be a little tricky and difficult to differentiate between the three illnesses since they are also clinically similar in their presentation.

Dengue, which can be caused by any four types of virus-carrying mosquitoes can lead to symptoms like extremely high fever, severe headache, joint and muscle aches and at the same time, present gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, stomach ache and diarrhoea.

Malaria, on the other hand, caused by the Plasmodium parasite causes severe symptoms such as debilitating fever accompanied by chills, shivering, intense myalgia, headaches, fatigue, sweating and sometimes, seizures (in rare cases).

Now, COVID, as we have come to learn more about, can cause a host of symptoms, which could strike people differently. Be it a mild, moderate or severe infection, some of the common features are rising fever, chills, cough, cold, sore throat, difficulty breathing, headache, myalgia, intense fatigue and weakness- all of which could be present with dengue and malaria in different ways. The presentation of such symptoms could make it very difficult for a person to ascertain what illness could be concerning, without a proper diagnosis.

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