Vijay Mallya files for permission to appeal against bankruptcy in UK high court

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LONDON: Fugitive Indian businessman Vijay Mallya has filed papers in the UK high court seeking permission to appeal against his bankruptcy order.
Mallya (65) was declared bankrupt by the insolvency and companies court (ICC) of the high court on July 26 this year. His name is now listed in the individual insolvency register.
A spokesman for the chancery division of the high court told TOI that Mallya had on August 16 filed a notice seeking permission to appeal the decision of Chief ICC judge Briggs, who had declared him bankrupt. “He has until September 21 to file his appeal bundle and then it will be referred to another judge to consider whether to grant permission to appeal.”
If permission is granted, he will have a full appeal hearing, which could lead to the bankruptcy being overturned. Mallya was denied permission to appeal against the order at the hearing on July 26.
The State Bank of India-led consortium had filed the bankruptcy petition against Mallya for failing to clear a judgment debt of £1.05 billion (Rs 10,695 crore) determined by the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT), Karnataka, in January 2017, which was subsequently registered in the English courts.

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