UK looks with hope towards June 21 when ‘restrictions will be no more’

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Independent journalist Will Godley says the United Kingdom is looking hopefully towards June 21 when the majority of its COVID restrictions are set to ease following the latest relaxation of lockdown rules.

On March 29 the UK lifted its stay at home order and allowed outdoor gatherings of up to six people or two households in public spaces.

“It makes the UK a very positive UK after … a very long and dire winter, so it feels like there’s a change of tide to a more positive and more excited outlook,” Mr Godley said.

“When the Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that we would start to leave the stay at home messaging and start to see people again he set out a number of key dates when more easing would happen of the restrictions.

“The big date is June 21, that is when Boris Johnson and quite frankly the rest of the UK is hoping things will get back to normal and restrictions will be no more.

“But of course as the government always say they will review these dates closer to when they say they’ll ease them and assess the situation then”.


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