Thousands flee Myanmar to Thailand after air strikes

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Thousands of people have fled Myanmar following a series of air strikes at the weekend as the military crackdown continues from last month’s coup.

Some fled to nearby forests while many crossed the border to Thailand for refuge with many more likely to follow.

Activists said, however, refuge was denied and claimed more than 2000 Myanmar residents had been sent back.

Thai officials denied the push-back, saying they would continue to look after refugees, as Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha said the country was preparing to accept refugees.

Criticism was also levelled at the international community and its lack of involvement in Myanmar’s humanitarian crisis.

“We’ve got a whole new generation of grandchildren who are having to flee, hide in the jungle, trying to escape to Thailand but being force back again,” Burma Campaign UK Director Mark Farmaner said.

“It’s a cycle that seems to be unending and there doesn’t seem to be any willingness from Thailand or the rest of the international community to try to take firm kind of action to end this cycle.”


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