The importance of the all-party meet on Afghanistan

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At an all-party meeting called by the Centre today, foreign minister S Jaishankar underlined that Taliban has not kept its word. This is with reference to the talks in Doha where a peaceful transfer of power had been negotiated for Afghanistan, alongside religious freedom and democracy. Like other countries, India will also have to consider recognising the Taliban government against this bleak backdrop.

China has already established its first diplomatic contact with Taliban. The important thing is whatever the future course of action, it is desirable that India put up a united front. So the extent to which government can bring opposition on board this specific foreign policy will be closely watched. The stakes are very high, as India’s neighbourhood becomes more volatile and likely hostile.

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For now, Jaishankar shared with representatives of Congress, Trinamool, NCP, DMK etc that GoI priority is to evacuate as many people as possible from Afghanistan. And opposition parties expressed support for India’s evacuation programme. Of course this task is becoming more difficult by the day, as the terror threat escalates at Kabul airport, while Taliban makes it increasingly difficult for people to even reach the airport. On rehabilitation of evacuees also, different political parties should work together.



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