Supply chain, procurement suffered headcount reduction in 2020

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17.7% of supply chain and procurement professionals experienced retrenchment.

Headcount reduction that resulted in longer working hours was the common theme brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic that supply chain and procurement professionals experienced in 2020, according to a report by Ethos BeathChapman.

The survey revealed that 44.2% of professionals in this division witnessed headcount reduction taking place within their organisation, whilst 17.7% personally experienced retrenchment.

“Corresponding to observations on the ground, supply chain and procurement jobs were lost across varied levels of seniority as a result of overall business impact and cost-cutting measures within industries such as retail, aviation, food, beverage, and hospitality,” the report said.

The loss in headcount also resulted into longer hours for some as 39.1% said they encountered increased workload and working hours.

The survey also revealed that 67.8% of professionals think that supply chain risks, such as trade disputes and environment and economic pressures, are the challenges in 2021. This was followed by increasing supply chain complexity (49.1%), need for improved speed/quality/service due to consumer demand (45.8%), and increasing supply chain costs (39.7%).

Ethos BeathChapman surveyed over 200 middle to senior level supply chain and procurement professionals across Singapore and Southeast Asia to identify the immediate needs of regional supply chain and procurement teams in 2021.


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