SPOTTED: Ex-actress Madeline Chu still looks as youthful as ever!

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SINGAPORE – It can be such a small world, especially if you’re living in Singapore. All jokes aside, long-time actor Zhu Houren recently bumped into ex-actress Madeline Chu at a grocery store.

Zhu took and shared a picture of them on Instagram, noting that they’ve not seen each other for the longest time. For his caption, he wrote in Mandarin: “From 1995 till now, we meet again after 26 years. Her crystal-clear eyes are still as beautiful and emotive as ever, do you still remember her?”

The actor included hashtags of classic Mediacorp dramas such as The Great Conspiracy (1992), Good Morning Sir! (1989) and Mystery (1988) as a hint to fans about the former actress.

With all the “subtle” hints given, it didn’t take long for fellow celebrities and fans to recognise Ms Chu – even though she and Zhu had their masks on.

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A couple of fans left comments on Zhu’s posts about Chu, saying: “Omg Madeline Chu!! Still as beautiful as ever.”  Another recalled growing up with dramas starring Chu: “When I was younger, I loved watching [her] act in period dramas ‘cos she was so pretty, and looked just like a fairy descending from the heavens.”

According to, Chu made her debut in showbiz in 1988 and soon rose to fame, and even made the cover of 8 DAYS magazine a couple of times (three times to be exact). In 1996, she decided to leave the industry after getting married and moved to Taiwan.

Chu and her husband moved back to Singapore in 2005. However, she wasn’t interested in returning to the movie scene, preferring to focus on her daughters instead.

Sad news for fans but family does come first.

Chu is still in touch with her former co-stars such as Pan Lingling and Huang Biren.

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@panlingling)

Oh, how time flies! Does anyone remember the mask-free days? 

Even so, it’s safe to say that Chu remains as youthful-looking as she did back in the day. We do hope that she’ll make a comeback or at least do a cameo in the future.

Until then, we’re glad that she and her family are staying safe during this time.


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