Show Luo asked to burn all his Nike sneakers after he showed support for Xinjiang cotton

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Taipei — Chinese netizens have responded negatively after Show Luo posted about supporting Xinjiang cotton. Many of them think that the Taiwanese star is only jumping on the bandwagon to pave his way for his comeback in China. Last year, Luo’s reputation took a hit when his former girlfriend, Chinese influencer Grace Chow, accused him of being a serial cheater. Chow wrote about how she no longer has to type in traditional Chinese, which is what the Taiwanese use, and can go back to writing in simplified Chinese like other Chinese.

This further angered Chinese netizens who believed Luo had “forced” Chow to type in traditional Chinese. The Taiwanese star has been keeping a low profile on Weibo since the scandal and has kept his posts to obligatory ones such as festive greetings. That is, until his post about supporting Xinjiang cotton. For the uninitiated, global brands such as H&M, Nike and adidas have all come under fire in China because of the stand they’ve taken against the alleged use of forced labour in the production of cotton in Xinjiang.

According to, celebrities have cut ties with the brands, letting go of lucrative endorsement deals to show their support for Xinjiang products. Unlike those celebrities, Luo’s support for Xinjiang cotton was met with derision because he is known to be a huge sneaker lover and has even shared photos of his shoe collection, which includes rows of Nike sneakers.

Show Luo and his shoe collection. Picture: Instagram

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One netizen said, “You say you support Xinjiang cotton, but do you really? Isn’t this just a post to try to butter us up? Post a video of yourself burning your Nike collection and we’ll know that you’re sincere.”

Other netizens have upvoted this comment, with many saying that Luo is “two-faced”, “opportunistic” and “all talk and no action”.

The incident got out of hand when a Chinese netizen recalled that Luo had bought 200 boxes of Taiwanese pineapples in February after China banned imports of the fruit.

“He tried to curry favour with the Taiwanese, but killed any chances of his career in the mainland at the same time. Is he now trying to salvage his image with this half-baked attempt?” asked that netizen.

Another netizen quipped, “Perhaps he knows how much income he’s losing after he pulled that stunt with the pineapples. Well, we’re not giving you a single cent. Show Luo, it’s time to say goodbye to your career in China.” /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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