Sexually explicit video chat: KT Raghavan quits BJP TN state general secretary post | Chennai News

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COIMBATORE: Senior BJP leader and state general secretary K T Raghavan resigned from the party post on Tuesday after a YouTuber released a sexually explicit video purportedly of the party leader in a video chat with a woman.
“I deny the allegations. Will face them legally,’’ Raghavan tweeted. “I came to know about the video circulating in social media since morning. The video was released to tarnish me and my party. I met state president K Annamalai and discussed with him. I am resigning my party post,’’ he tweeted.
Raghavan added that people of Tamil Nadu and those close to him know him. “I have been serving for the past 30 years without any expectations,’’ he said in the tweet.
BJP state president K Annamalai said he had accepted the resignation of Raghavan. “I’m confident that he would face the issue legally and prove himself,” Annamalai said in a statement.
The video was released by YouTuber Madan who joined the party a year ago and is currently working with a Tamil daily. The authenticity of the video has not been established yet by investigating agencies.
On his YouTube page, Madan said he had informed Annamalai about his sting operation and the video. “The video is being released with the concurrence of Annamalai,’’ he said.

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