Rule of law will stay till Hindus are in majority: Gujarat deputy CM | India News

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AHMEDABAD: According to Gujarat deputy chief minister Nitin Patel, as long as Hindus are in a majority in the country, the rule of law, the Constitution and secularism will remain and, when Hindus cease to comprise the majority, all these will be finished.
Asked on Saturday to clarify his statement of Friday at the dedication of the Bharat Mata temple in Gandhinagar, Patel said that Hindus are liberal in their thinking and so democracy is flourishing in the country.
“This is my personal opinion. Democracy works where the majority embrace the values of a democracy. In countries where people believe that only what they say is right, the rule of law, democracy and judiciary are compromised. Afghanistan is the latest example of this,” Patel said on Saturday.
On Friday, however, the deputy CM had minced no words in saying, “Mark my words. As long as Hindus are in a majority in the country, these people will talk of the Constitution, rule of law, and secularism. God forbid if after 1,000 or 2,000 years the number of Hindus becomes less and others’ increases, there will not be any courts, any Lok Sabha, any Constitution. Nothing will remain.”
He had added, “Let me clarify. I am not talking about everybody. Lakhs of Muslims are patriotic. Lakhs of Christians are patriotic. Thousands of Muslims are in the Indian Army. Scores of Muslims are in Gujarat’s police force. They all are patriots.”

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