Operation to detect vehicles with worn-out tyres temporarily suspended

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The special police operation to detect vehicles with worn-out tires has been temporarily suspended Minister Keheliya Rambukwella stated.

He mentioned this during the media briefing held today (24) to announce Cabinet decisions.

The Minister further said, “There is no such thing as the private sector or the state sector, tyres wear out for everyone. However, a survey will be conducted regarding the supply of tires and the requirements of the government and action will be taken to import the required tires.”

On Monday (March 22) Sri Lanka Police launched a special 3-day operation to detect vehicles on the road with worn-out tyres.

However, motorists claimed that it was unfair to issue fines at a time when they were facing a number of issues with the loss of income.

Meanwhile, with the government restricting the import of tyres, there is a shortage of tyres in the market on top of a price hike.

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