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On Mar. 28, the Myanmar military opened fire on a crowd of mourners at the funeral of a 20-year-old student, both Reuters and AP News reported.

Student is one of 114 casualties on bloodiest day since the coup

The student, Thae Maung Maung, was one of the 114 casualties reported on Mar. 27, in the bloodiest day since the military’s coup.

He was reportedly a member of the All Burma Federation of Student Union, an organisation with a history of supporting the country’s pro-democracy movements.

A woman who was in attendance at the funeral in Bago, near Yangon, said that security forces had arrived while they were singing a revolution song, and proceeded to shoot at the crowd.

There have no been immediate reports of casualties thus far among the mourners, although several of them were purportedly arrested.

Latest instance of the military interfering in a victim’s funeral

The incident appears to the latest instance of the Myanmar military interfering in the funeral of the its victims.

According to The Irrawaddythe military has also attempted to seize the bodies of civilians they killed in the city of Mandalay.

In another incident on Mar. 21, the military reportedly interrupted the funeral of a 16-year-old teashop waiter, who was killed during a night raid by the military on Mar. 21.

The waiter’s body was forcibly removed by security forces on the grounds that they needed to conduct an autopsy.

Charity groups in the city providing funeral services for those killed have said that initially in the wake of the coup, the military would transfer the bodies of those slain back to their families once autopsies were complete.

However, security forces have since stopped doing so, these groups added.

According to The Irrawaddy, many of the city’s residents are of the belief that such a move by the military is an attempt to avoid responsibility for the killings, as well as manipulate the death toll by controlling autopsies.

Myanmar army progressively escalating violence against civilians

Thus far, the Myanmar military has been progressively escalating violence against the country’s civilian population.

On the same day security forces opened fire on the funeral of Thae Maung Maung, over 10,000 ethnic Karen villagers were forced from their homes after the military carried out airstrikes on the southeastern Karen state.

Around 3,000 villagers have since fled to Thailand.

Children were also reported to be among the 114 people killed on Mar. 27, CNN reported.

The UK has since called for an emergency UN meeting on the situation, with the Security Council scheduled to meet on Wednesday, Mar. 31, CNA reported.

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