MS reiterates he was not aware of Easter attacks

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The adjournment debate on the report by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry on the Easter Sunday attacks was taken up for the third day today.

Commencing today’s debate Former President Parliamentarian Maithripala Sirisena said those affected by the Easter attacks must be served justice, adding that this was his view during his term as President and even at present.

The Former President said investigations by any institution will have his support.

He noted that members of his government made various statements in society of his actions at the time claiming the then President was aware of the impending attacks and took no action.

Former President Sirisena added an arrest warrant for Zahran Hashim was issued in 2017, claiming it is not the duty of the country’s President to arrest individuals and said the Security Council does not receive lists of those issued warrants.

MP Sirisena said the Presidential Commission that he appointed must look into why Zahran Hashim was not arrested.

The Former President added members of his government including the opposition at the time levelled various allegations at him making him a target.

Former President Sirisena said foreign intelligence units had provided information on the 4th of April adding that the State Intelligence Service Director at the time fulfilled his duty and informed the then Secretary of the Defence and the Inspector General of Police of the reports and even exchanged letters.

The Former President said he was made aware of such reports only after the attacks, during the first discussion of the Security Council.

He reiterated that he would not have ignored such reports had he been informed.

The President claimed he would have imposed curfew in Colombo, informed the Cardinal to halt Sunday services and taken necessary steps.



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