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NEW DELHI: A detailed report to Rajya Sabha Chairman and Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu states the physical showdown between a section of the opposition and security staff began as the MPs tried to force their way towards the table seating officials and chair on Wednesday evening.
The melee led to a lady marshal being dragged by two women MPs who tried to breach the security cordon in order to reach the table and the chair causing injuries to the security officer. A male officer was choked as he tried to prevent MPs from reaching the central table area, a report by a senior Rajya Sabha secretariat officer has said.
The report has medical records and complaints lodged by the marshals and also refutes allegations by some opposition leaders that marshals manhandled them during the commotion. The medical report of the female marshal states that she has received several abrasions and a twisted left wrist.
The injured marshal Akshita Bhatt in her complaint has said that around 6.30pm, some male MPs rushed towards her and tried to breach the cordon. “When I resisted, two female members namely Chhaya Verma and Phulo Devi Netam (Congress) stepped aside and made way for male members to aggressively breach the security cordon,” she said.
A male marshal Rakesh Negi has named CPI’s Elamaran Kareem alleging he was left choking when the latter, in an attempt to breach the cordon, caught hold of the official’s neck. “Elamaran Kareem and Anil Desai (Shiv Sena) tried to break the security cordon (human chain)…during this process Kareem caught hold of my neck (posterior side) in order to drag me out…,” Negi has said.
The report says MPs started tearing papers and throwing them towards the Chair. “Preempting aggressive temperament of members from opposition parties, it was decided to rush in additional security officials (marshals) into the chamber. The officials strengthened the cordon… and tried to prevent charging members from causing any damage.”
The report states that during efforts to contain unruly members, Parliament security only summoned security officials from its security service (PSS) of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha secretariats and did not call any other agency.
According to Naidu’s office, before his meetings with the two delegations on Thursday — one from opposition parties and another from government — the Chairman held an hour long meeting with senior officials of the Rajya Sabha secretariat. “They were asked by the Chairman to report on the manner and scale of deployment,” a statement said.
“Naidu and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla have decided to undertake a detailed examination of unruly scenes in the past and the action taken for deciding future course in such cases,” the statement said.

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