Lathicharge on farmers: Haryana deputy CM calls for action against IAS officer, questions farmer leaders | Chandigarh News

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CHANDIGARH: A day after the use of force on farmers by policemen in Karnal, Haryana deputy chief minister Dushyant Chautala on Sunday advocated action against IAS officer Ayush Sinha, for his conduct and remarks in the video which has gone viral.
A 2018 batch IAS officer is sub-divisional magistrate and he has been seen and heard on camera asking the policemen to hit on the heads of farmers in case they breach the barricades.
‘Break their heads’: Haryana official tells police during farmers’ protest
“I am really hurt over the conduct of this officer. This is not expected from an officer; this conduct does not match the standards of conduct of an officer of his calibre. An IAS officer, who is a duty magistrate has to act very cautiously and has to play a balancing act. Hence, we shall certainly ask for action after probe,” said Dushyant Chautala during the media interaction.

The officer later perhaps gave a clarification that he hadn’t slept for two nights But he should know that farmers too have not slept for 200 days out of the 365 days of a year. Action will be taken; reiterated Dushyant Chautala in end of the press conference.
Haryana: Farmers lathicharged in Karnal, prompts over 6-hour blockade
Treading cautiously, Chautala even did not appreciate the conduct of protesting farmers, especially the incident of stone-pelting and attacking the policemen with spade at the agitation point.
“We have seen the visuals of farmers attacking the policemen with stones and spade. This too cannot be appreciated at all. We wonder as to what is the issue left now and what is the end benefit of blocking the ways of representatives of government or political parties. How does it serve the purpose,” he said.
Dushyant not only attacked the leftists and political parties but also blamed Congress leaders of Punjab and Haryana as well as leaders of the Sanyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) for the entire sequence of incidents reported in the past.
“In the entire SKM, most of the representatives are either from Punjab, Rajasthan or UP. They are driving the agitation and we didn’t see anyone from Haryana. Haryana has been used and made an epic centre, all just to derail an agrarian growth of the state as well as of the farmers,” said Dushyant.
Their (Punjab ) PCC president Navjot Sidhu had appreciated the payment structure of crops in Haryana which forced Captian to announce an increase in cane MSP. Former PCC president Jakhar himself had admitted that they had shifted the venue for protests to Haryana, hence one can imagine their plannings. Did anyone saw reaction in Punjab and UP while the entire Haryana was blocked for three hours, added Dushyant.
What Ayush Singh had been heard saying
It is very simple and clear, whoever he is, wherever he is from, no one should be allowed to reach there. We will not let this line be breached at any cost. Just pick up your lathi and hit them hard… It’s very clear, there is no need for any instruction, just thrash them hard. If I see a single protester here, I want to see his head smashed, crack their heads,” Ayush Sinha is heard saying in the video.
Ayush has support among police officers, civil officers
Senior police officers, as well as bureaucrats, have started defending Ayush Sinha over the issue of video footage. A senior IPS officer who was among those present on the spot said that Ayush was the duty magistrate throughout and had been interacting with farmers before cops used mild force for dispersal. And, all this happened at the time when farmers had blocked the two lanes of Bastara toll plaza and had put entire traffic to a halt. As officers and policemen tried to persuade them, they were hit with stones and lathis.

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