Jewar Airport News: E-way to runway; Jewar’s jewel airport all set to take off | Noida News

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NOIDA: As Noida International Airport prepares to take off and make NCR among the first Indian regions to have two civilian or commercial airports, TOI brings you a brick-by-brick account of how it will take shape and grow.
IGI Airport expects domestic air travel to return to pre-pandemic level by March 2023 and international a year later.

This means that without any further Covid shocks, Delhi-NCR will require two airports to meet its demand for travel by 2024 when Jewar gets its jewel airport.

Work on second runway and T2 likely to start simultaneously
* T1 and T2 will be interconnected for seamless transfers
* Forecourts for both terminals will have direct access to a single-ground transportation centre
* Airport to come up on almost 3,300 acres
* Will have tunnels to access aircraft parking and logistics area in the third and fourth phase of expansion

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