Irene Wan was almost sold as a child

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Hangzhou — Actress Irene Wan has been dubbed as “the most beautiful Daji” and she played the dazzling but dynasty-destroying mythical fox spirit in 2001 drama Gods of Honour. The beauty looks stunning in ancient Chinese clothing. People are still gushing over the 54-year-old Hong Kong actress’ ageless beauty. Wan uploaded a few photos of herself on Monday (April 5) while dressed in period costume at an event in Hangzhou, China as a “surprise” for her fans. It was no mystery that she looked absolutely amazing.

Irene Wan maintains her youthful beauty. Picture: Weibo

Following that, the comments section became flooded with admiration from netizens, saying: “She hasn’t aged even after 20 years”, “Daji is back to charm the world again”, “You are still so beautiful” and “Which fairy is this? I really want to strike up a conversation with her”.

For Wan, visiting Hangzhou is always a bittersweet affair as it was the hometown of her late mother, according to

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“Whenever I’m in Hangzhou, I will think of my mother and miss her very much,” she said. “There seem to be shadows and traces of my mother in every corner, especially when I’m eating, which is when I will miss my mother’s delicious cooking even more. I really miss my mother’s Shanghai rice cakes.”

Now Wan is living a luxurious life with a home that is reportedly worth S$3.4 million in Hong Kong’s idyllic Clearwater Bay neighbourhood. It was not always like this. She grew up as the youngest of eight children in a family that was so poor that her mother was once forced to sell her into adoption as a child. Her mother told her she was going to take her to visit an uncle when Wan was five. Her mother received some money and told Wan to go home with the uncle but the poor girl kept screaming and refused to let go of her mother.

This heartbreaking sight made the uncle take pity on her and give up on the adoption. Wan was then able to go back to her family. Even though she went through this incident, Wan never held it against her mother as she understands that she was in a tough situation back then. /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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