IPL 2021 does away with soft signal, tightens over-rate stipulations and penalties

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Tackling the menace of slow over rates, the IPL has made it mandatory for bowling teams to deliver their 20 overs within the stipulated 90 minutes (including strategic time-outs) for the 2021 edition. Other significant tweaks to the playing conditions for IPL 2021 include: no soft signal for close catches and obstruction of field, putting in a cap on the time till which multiple Super Overs can be bowled, and the third umpire adjudicating short runs.

Here is an in-depth look at how and why the playing conditions were updated:

Slow over rates: finish 20 overs in 90 minutes (including time-outs)
This has been the most common code of conduct breach committed by teams throughout the IPL’s history. Sanctions – including hefty monetary fines and even suspension of the bowling team’s captain for repeated offences – have been found to be ineffective, with matches often going well past midnight IST.

In 2019, former South Africa captain AB de Villiers, who plays for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, likened one Super Over game’s stretched schedule to it finishing at “breakfast time”.

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