Homeschooling in France: A threat to the Republic?

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The French government wants to reserve homeschooling for children suffering from illness or undergoing intensive training in music or sports. The proposed legislation takes aim at families who supposedly opt for homeschooling to subvert France’s much-cherished value of laïcité, or state secularism. But impacted families say they have the legal right to teach their children as they see fit.

France claims that homeschooling has allowed families to avoid teaching the country’s core priniciple of state secularism. But some families and activists are pushing back.

“Who’s most able to help children choose what’s best for them? I’d say it’s those who love them and those who live with them,” said parent and instructor Marie Maillard to FRANCE 24’s Hélène Goutany and Emerald Maxwell, who went to meet some of the country’s homeschoolers.

Click on the player above to watch the full programme prepared by Patrick Lovett and Camille Nedelec.

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