Girlfriend who earns 3 times more than boyfriend says “men have to be the leader in the family” and that an income gap is problematic

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Singapore — Netizens have slammed a girlfriend who told her boyfriend she needed to think about the relationship after finding out that she earned three times more than he did.

In a viral Facebook post on Monday (Mar 29), submitted to the anonymous confessions platform, the NUSwhispers Facebook page, a boyfriend wrote that after meeting a girl on dating app Coffee Meets Bagel, “we hit it off quite well. We have the same religion, similar values, can talk about anything
and everything, have similar interests and can banter with each other”.

Ironically, he added: “Our religion also emphasizes not to be too fixated over money too”.

After dating for three months, he added, they discussed whether they wanted to continue the relationship.

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“That’s when the big issue came about. Turns out she earns a lot more than me like 3x lmao”, the guy wrote.

He added that while he was fine with the financial difference, “she is not totally onboard. She mentioned stuff like men have to be the leader in the family and our huge income gap will be problematic. She also mentioned that her dad may not be approving too”.

“She mentioned that she’s still confused and wants to think more about it. She also mentioned that she wants to enter a relationship with a high chance of success towards marriage and feels that there’ll be a lot of friction at the start”, he wrote.

Explaining that since her response (or lack thereof) was not definitive, they ended the relationship.

He added that the situation was heartbreaking and asked netizens how he could convince her to change her mind.

Even so, he threw in the question: “Is this worth pursuing further?”

Netizens who commented on the post were very clear that the boyfriend dodged a bullet by breaking up with his girlfriend.



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