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NEW DELHI: India had expected the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan but the swiftness with which it happened was a surprise, chief of defence staff General Bipin Rawat said on Wednesday, while calling for greater cooperation and intelligence-sharing among the “Quad” countries in the global war against terrorism.
Speaking at an interactive session with visiting US Indo-Pacific Command chief Admiral John C Aquilino here, Gen Rawat said, “From India’s perspective, we were anticipating a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. We were concerned about how the terrorist activities from Afghanistan could overflow into India.”
“And to that extent, our contingency planning has been ongoing and we are prepared for it. Yes, the timelines certainly surprised us. We were anticipating this thing happening may be a couple of months down the line,” he added.
Alluding to the role being played by China in Afghanistan, which could extend to bankrolling the Taliban government in the days ahead, the CDS said the Taliban have not changed in the last 20 years but its partners certainly have.
Gen Rawat’s comments come in the backdrop of anti-India terror outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaishe-Muhammed having a longstanding nexus with the Taliban, in terms of fighting together against the USled forces in Afghanistan as well as using the country as a base for planning strikes in Kashmir and elsewhere in the past.
The Taliban has also seized huge amounts of latest US weapons from the fleeing Afghan Army. Some of these US weapons are already making their way to Pakistan, as per Indian officials.
Gen Rawat, on his part, said India will “make sure” that any terror activity likely to emanate from Afghanistan and then find its way into Kashmir is firmly dealt with. “India is committed to having a terror-free region,” he said.
“If any support can be forthcoming from the Quad nations, in at least identifying the terrorists and getting some intelligence inputs to fight this war on terrorism, I think that will be welcomed,” he added.

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