Evacuate kids & women at least: Af Sikhs, Hindus to Indian govt | India News

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AMRITSAR: Afghanistan’s Sikh and Hindu minorities have made a desperate appeal to India to at least evacuate their women and children while some escape routes are still open and Kabul protests against the takeover by the insurgents, report Yudhvir Rana and Shariq Majeed.
A Sikh community leader, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We have heard of a fight between Taliban and anti-Taliban mujahideen in the Panjshir valley and other places. In Kabul, people have come out onto the streets against the Taliban, while we feel very insecure even inside the gurdwara. We expect India to come to our rescue, or at least evacuate the Hindu and Sikh women and children.” He said the community feared a return to the brutality of the Taliban’s 1996-2001 regime.
Taliban shoot video in gurdwara: They forced the Hindus and Sikhs who had sheltered there to say on camera that the Taliban’s assurances made them feel safe, said another Sikh who wished to remain unnamed.

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