Coronavirus: Foods that can impact COVID-19 risks, as per study

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We as people understand the importance of eating good food and making healthy dietary choices, especially in reducing COVID-19 risks. However, in addition to that, experts have also shared their inputs about the same.

According to researchers from Northwestern University in Chicago, coffee, breast milk, and kale have the potential to reduce your COVID-19 risk factors. The team of experts used UK Biobank data to study the link between dietary behaviors from 2006 to 2010 and COVID-19 cases from March through November 2020 in the same people.

The study looked at the data involving 38,000 people who had got themselves tested, of which 17 per cent tested positive for the virus. It was found that certain foods affect the immune system of the people involved in the study.

Out of the many foods included in the study, coffee, vegetables and breast milk reduced COVID-19 risk by 10 per cent, whereas foods like tea, fruits, and red meat made no significant difference.

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