China may fill financial vacuum in Afghanistan

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BEIJING: China on Monday hinted at stepping up financial assistance to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, saying it will play a “positive role” in helping the war-ravaged country amid global pushback to stop funding to Kabul until the Afghan militant group modified its hardline religious policies.
In his media briefing, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin called the US “main perpetrator” for the Afghan crisis and said Washington cannot leave without doing anything for Afghanistan’s reconstruction. Asked about Afghanistan’s exiled central bank chief’s comment that the Taliban may go to China and Pakistan to replace the US for financial aid, Wang said, “I want to stress that the US is the main perpetrator and biggest external factor for the Afghan issue. It cannot leave the mess without doing anything. We hope the US will match its words with deeds and shoulder its responsibility to honour its own commitments in humanitarian assistance and reconstruction.”
Wang said, “China always adopts a friendly policy towards entire Afghan people and has provided substantial assistance to socio- economic development to Afghanistan. We hope there will be an early end to the chaos and wars in the country,(so) it can resume financial order at an early date. China will also play a positive role in helping the country in self capacity building, peace, reconstruction and improvement of peoples’ livelihoods.”
The US, which has poured about $1 trillion into Afghanistan over 20 years, moved to block the Taliban’s access to Afghanistan’s $9.4 billion in international reserves. And IMF suspended plans to distribute over $400 million in emergency reserves to the country.

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