Asset monetisation plan: Govt set to gift away assets created over 70 years, says Rahul Gandhi | India News

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NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi Tuesday dubbed the government’s “asset monetisation plan” as a deal to gift the crown jewels created over 70 years to select industrialist friends, warning that it will lead to creation of monopolies and hurt the future employment for the youth. He said PM Narendra Modi was working for 2-3 industrialists, and not people of India.
Addressing a press conference with P Chidambaram who dubbed the plan a “scandal” and “grand closing down sale”, Rahul said Modi used to say that Congress had done nothing in 70 years but the assets being given away to industrialists were created over seven decades using public money. Rahul said the central government destroyed the economy built by the UPA and was now “selling everything” as a last resort, calling it a “tragedy which every patriotic person should oppose”.
“I want to tell the youth of the country that the government snatched your jobs, did not help you in the pandemic, gave three laws to farmers, and now the PM wants to sell public assets to his friends,” he said.
The Wayanad MP said strategic areas like railways were being given to private players and warned railway employees about their future.
“Everybody knows who will get airports, ports, highways, pipelines…,” he said .
Chidambaram said the exercise was done without setting any criteria and objectives, and without any consultation with stakeholders like railway unions, port workers, farmers. “No public sector will be left after this,” he said.

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