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While the United States grapples with increasing incidents of violence targeted at Asians, a woman in New York has taken it upon herself to confront perpetrators of racism.

A woman — identified by NextShark as going by the name of Nikki C — posted a video to Instagram which showed a man shouting racist slurs while riding the train.

“Ching chang chong motherf**ker! Ching chang chong b*tch!” yells the man while appearing to beat the interior of the train.

Nikki — who identifies as Asian — noted in the caption that the man was drunk and had also been ranting about how Covid-19 was fabricated.

Confronting the man and his friend

“Him yelling ‘ching chang chong’ multiple times with me and other Asians on the same train pissed me off,” she wrote.

It compelled the Nikki to confront the man’s female companion, who she believed was enabling the man’s racist behaviour.

“Do you guys not see whats going on right now and you guys are cool with that?” Nikki can be heard saying to the other woman who was also seen visibly annoyed at her inebriated friend.

She responded by shaking her head and walking over to Nikki to explain the situation; “Trust me I’m an ally,” she said.

Unsatisfied, Nikki tells the woman that she was not dealing effectively with her friend.

“Why are you sitting back and letting your friend talk like that right now?”

“I think you need to get your friend off this train right now,” she eventually concludes.

Anti-Asian sentiments

“I’m not trying to ruin people’s lives or start something but I am trying to prove a point that this shit, as ‘small’ and ‘harmless’ as it can be with just words, happens,” Nikki explained in her post.

“I greatly appreciate those on the train who did eventually stand up for me and against this. I just hope if you see this bs going on, you say something.”

This latest incident, which has gone viral on social media, came after the Mar. 16 Atlanta spa shootings brought rising anti-Asian sentiment into the American spotlight.

The deadly rampage which saw the deaths of eight people — of which six were Asian women — was perhaps the most shocking of a spate of recent attacks involving Asian victims.

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