Amid demands for caste census, Congress asks Centre to remove 50% quota cap | India News

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Congress has reminded the Centre that there is an urgent need to remove the 50% cap on reservations if measures for social justice are to have any real impact, seeking to lob a political hot potato towards the ruling BJP amid renewed hype over a caste census following the meeting of a Bihar delegation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Underlining there are over 30 states and UTs which have exceeded the 50% cap on quota, Congress MP Abhishek Singhvi on Wednesday said, “It is important to constitutionally legitimise the reservation percentage in excess of 50% which in a sense is in a legal ‘trishanku’, that is in suspended animation, with challenges pending in courts and lack of clarity about their legality and validity.” He stressed that the breach of 50% in some states includes EWS quota.
Singhvi said the government and Parliament recently gave the states the power to make their own OBC lists but “there is no scope of implementing those lists” as most of the states are in excess of 50% quota. “Surely, the Parliament was not intending to pass an empty 127th Constitutional amendment Bill,“ he said.

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